Stay Connected to your Vehicle with the myChevrolet App

Stay Connected to your Vehicle with the myChevrolet App

Chevrolet knows how important it is to stay connected to the things that matter most. From your vehicle health status to the safety of your passengers, Chevrolet wants to make sure that you’re always in the know. Through a suite of easy-to-use features and available technology, it’s easier than ever to stay connected to your vehicle and your world. And you can do it all through the myChevrolet app.

How Can myChevrolet Help Me?

The myChevrolet app helps you control your vehicle settings, provides you with vehicle information and so much more. It’s your virtual command center allowing you to have control of your vehicle from wherever you are.

Remote Services

myChevrolet offers remote services, such as key fob capability. Can’t remember if you locked your vehicle? Not to worry – you can lock and unlock the car right on your app. You can even start and stop your engine. This feature is particularly useful on those cold winter mornings or hot summer days. You’ll also have vehicle locate functionality. If you can’t remember where you parked, your vehicle can be easily pinpointed on the map.

For additional vehicle location monitoring, you can set and share custom notifications for your vehicle’s departures and arrivals. This feature is especially helpful if sharing your vehicle with young or new drivers. You’ll have peace of mind when they leave and arrive safely, and you’ll be promptly notified with push notifications to your smartphone.

Stay Connected to your Vehicle with the myChevrolet App

Teen Driver

Most Chevrolet vehicles are equipped with Teen Driver technology. This built-in feature helps to promote safe driving habits for new drivers. Teen Driver allows you to create custom settings for when new drivers hit the road. You can set speed limits, radio volume limits and even enable the Buckle to Drive feature that mutes all audio until front passengers are buckled in safely.

From the myChevrolet app, you’ll be notified if your driver is speeding over the limit, and you’ll even receive a report of their drive at the end of each trip. Teen Driver is a great coaching tool to help new drivers stay safe, even if you’re not in the car with them.

Vehicle Diagnostics and Maintenance

myChevrolet allows you to check your vehicle health status, schedule maintenance and service appointments and it also helps you find the nearest dealership.

If you’re not familiar with one of your vehicle’s features, you can access the easy step-by-step how-to videos. And if your vehicle is equipped with 4G LTE wi-fi, the app allows you to manage your hotspot name and password, as well as purchase and manage available data plans.

Stay Connected to your Vehicle with the myChevrolet App

Owner Resources

Exploring your owner’s manual is easy with the myChevrolet app. Your full vehicle manual is at your fingertips to be viewed or downloaded at any time.

You can also pre-plan your trip by sending a destination to your vehicle from your smartphone. Once you get into the car, directions will display through your vehicle’s built-in navigation system. And if you need it on the way, you can contact roadside assistance through the app, too.

Advanced Trailering Features

If you’re a 2020 Silverado owner, you’ll have great features to help with trailering and towing. The myChevrolet trailer guide provides you with videos, a pre-departure checklist, light testing and more. The app pairs with your truck’s infotainment system to provide you with real-time trailer information on the screen.

myChevrolet is also equipped with a tow/haul reminder. This feature will detect that a trailer system has been attached, and it will remind you to engage tow/haul mode – a function that improves acceleration while hauling a heavy load.

Google Assistant and Alexa

Have your hands full? Not a problem. myChevrolet remote services are also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. You’ll be able to lock, unlock and start your Chevrolet with these virtual home assistants.

With Chevrolet, staying connected has never been easier. You’ll be informed and you’ll have peace of mind and convenience at your fingertips. To learn more about what the myChevrolet app can do for you, click here.

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