How to Experience Hands-Free Driving with Super Cruise

How to Experience Hands-Free Driving with Super Cruise - HGM

Driving might seem easy and relaxing--you are sitting the whole time, after all--however, the need to always be in control and on guard can become exhausting. Whether it is driving back and forth to the office every day or logging long hours during a cross-country road trip, driving isn't always easy.

Thankfully, technological advances have made it so that your vehicle can relieve some of your driving stress. GMC trucks offer Super Cruise, which is the industry's first true hands-free driver assistance technology. Available on the new 2022 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali and standard for the Sierra Denali Ultimate, Super Cruise works with compatible roads and functions with GMC Connected Services.

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Does Super Cruise Work on All Roads?

Super Cruise is not available on all roads. Super Cruise-compatible roadways must meet certain conditions, such as being a divided, limited-access highway with defined on-ramps and off-ramps. The Super Cruise system only activates on these compatible highways where GM has recorded LiDAR map data by scanning the road. This data ensures that the system, and your vehicle, always knows where to be.

Super Cruise has over 321,000 kilometres and counting of compatible highways in the U.S. and Canada, offering drivers plenty of areas where they can take advantage of Super Cruise. Super Cruise-compatible roadways will appear on the GMC Infotainment System equipped with available Google built-in. They are distinguished in a white highlight, so you can choose a route that allows you to go hands-free.

Super Cruise on all Roads - HGM

How Does Super Cruise Technology Work?

Super Cruise is a cutting-edge technology that uses a data connection from GMC Connected Services for real-time precise positioning and periodic Super Cruise map updates. Working together, the vehicle's cameras, sensors, and LiDAR map data help the driver stay centered in their lane while driving hands-free. This system collaboration helps detect road positioning, curves, current travel speed, and surrounding vehicles.

As for acceleration and braking, the Adaptive Cruise Control feature operates those when Super Cruise is enabled. This allows the system to maintain a gap, selected by the driver, between your vehicle and surrounding vehicles.

And if you think you can give over total control while driving, think again. A Driver Attention System, which includes a camera integrated on top of the steering column and infrared emitters integrated into the steering wheel, ensure that you pay attention while Super Cruise is in use.

GMC Super Cruise  - HGM

How Do I Enable Super Cruise?

Super Cruise is incredibly easy to turn on, as long as all of the required conditions are met. You must already be using Adaptive Cruise Control for the system to function. When a Super Cruise-compatible road is detected, a Super Cruise symbol will display on the instrument cluster. When it is safe to do so, you can press the Super Cruise button on the steering wheel to enable the system.

After the Super Cruise symbol and light bar on the steering wheel turn green, and the vehicle is centered in its lane, you can remove your hands from the steering wheel.

How Do I Enable Super Cruise?  - HGM

What Can Super Cruise Do?

In addition to keeping you in your lane, Super Cruise is also capable of changing lanes when traveling on a compatible road. If a suitable opening is detected by the system's Automatic Lane Change function, Super Cruise will turn on the turn signal and change lanes without you having to do anything other than pay attention to the road.

While Super Cruise is in use, you can also use the turn signal for Lane Change on Demand. Once the turn signal is activated, the system will look for an acceptable opening in the desired lane and switch lanes when safe.


What can a super cruise do - HGM

Do I Have to Pay Attention When Super Cruise is On?

Super Cruise is a hands-free driving technology. It is not a "take a nap while the car drives itself" technology. You must always pay attention to the road when using Super Cruise. If you do not, the Driver Attention System will alert you.

The Driver Attention System will initiate three separate prompts until you return your attention to the road.

  • The light bar on the steering wheel will flash green.
  • The light bar on the steering wheel will flash red, a chime will sound, the Safety Alert Seat will vibrate, and the vehicle's acceleration will disengage.
  • A voice command will prompt you to take control of the steering wheel; if you do not, the Super Cruise system will slow the vehicle down, bringing it to a complete stop in the lane of travel, and alert an Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisor to call the vehicle to check on you. The Super Cruise and Adaptive Cruise Control features will not reengage until the vehicle is turned off and restarted.

How Do I Find a GMC Truck with Hands-Free Driving?

Super Cruise is available on limited types of GMC trucks. The best way to get a Super Cruise-enabled vehicle is to contact Humberview Chevrolet Buick GMC for your options today.


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