The Future of Driving is Here, and it’s Electrifying

The Future of Driving is Here, and it's Electrifying

Only a few years ago, electric vehicles seemed like an exotic glimpse of a distant future, offering high-powered, emission-free driving beyond anything current technology could provide. But that future is now firmly here, with every major automaker now making the switch to either hybrid or fully electric vehicles (EVs) across their whole ranges.

One company that's leading the change is GM, which has announced 30 new vehicles under development across its various brands, finally bringing all the benefits of EVs to the mass market. Here's what you need to know about the electric future and the forthcoming EVs from GMC, Buick, and Chevrolet.

Why Choose an Electric Vehicle?

Super Cruise Makes Hands-Free Driving Possible

The most immediate benefit of electric vehicles is their emission-free driving, benefiting both the world's climate and the local air quality. But aside from their eco-friendly credentials, EVs offer some other immediate benefits.

The rapid advances in EV technology have not only delivered cars with longer driving ranges, but they've also improved average performance to levels previously only seen in high-end sports cars. Even at the entry level, today's EVs offer startlingly responsive acceleration, exhilarating speeds, and excellent handling qualities.

What's more, the development of electric powertrains and advanced driving technologies have gone hand in hand. Electric vehicles often feature a richer set of active driver assist facilities than their gas rivals, up to and including full autonomous driving capability in legally allowed situations.

Current GM EV Models: The Chevrolet Bolt

Super Cruise Makes Hands-Free Driving Possible

While GM has big plans for the EV near-future, the automaker has paved the way with their Chevrolet Bolt model, using the car to develop the platform and technology for their upcoming releases. The Bolt uses a 65kWh lithium-ion battery to power a single electric motor, creating a powerful 200 horsepower and 266lb-ft of torque.

And while the Bolt offers excellent performance for a compact crossover EV, perhaps its most impressive features are the healthy driving range and short charging times. With a full battery, the 2022 Chevy Bolt EV can cover up to 417km, making everyday range anxiety a thing of the past.

But when you do need more distance, the Bolt won't leave you hanging around. Using a commercial fast DC charging facility adds 160km of driving in around 30 minutes, while overnight charging at home is simple with a 240V Level 2 charger taking around seven hours to complete the task.

The GM EV Future

Super Cruise Makes Hands-Free Driving Possible

But the Chevrolet Bolt is only the beginning of the GM EV lineup. Many more models are in the development pipeline, with five in particular due to arrive very soon.

- Chevrolet is planning a new all-electric SUV, taking the powertrain of the Bolt and stylings from the Blaze. The model is also set to include Super Cruise, the GM hands-free driving assistance system.

- Chevy is also planning an electric truck, and although details aren't yet available, it's likely to be aimed at the workhorse market with some highly impressive capability figures.

- The GMC Hummer is a hugely successful truck that blends power and comfort like few others, and the 2022 model year sees an electric version hitting the dealerships. The Hummer EV is said to boast an immense output of 1,000 horsepower, backed by an amazing 11,500lb-ft of torque. If these specifications are delivered, the Hummer EV will transform the Canadian pickup market overnight.

- Buick also has two electric SUVs nearing release. The first will be a conventional crossover in size and design, although fitted with a high-end electric powertrain. The second SUV will be larger and more athletic, likely aiming at the off-road and outdoors sectors rather than everyday family driving.

However, GM has committed to developing fully 30 EVs over the next few years, so whichever format of electric vehicle you're looking for, one of GM's brands is sure to supply it.

Charging Your GM EV

Super Cruise Makes Hands-Free Driving Possible

If you're still undecided about making the switch to an electric vehicle, it's maybe because of lingering doubts over the convenience of charging or the risks of being left stranded without juice. Thankfully, buy a GM EV and these worries can be put to bed. The company has announced two initiatives to make charging in the Toronto area both convenient and affordable.

- Every GM EV buyer can claim back the costs of installing a Level 2 home charging station, allowing easy overnight charging with no upfront costs.

- GM has committed to installing fully 4,000 charging stations across Canada, in locations ranging from GM dealers to outside multi-unit dwellings and workplaces.

And independently from GM, Electrify Canada are currently well advanced in their project to build a network of fast charging facilities across the entire country, Toronto included, delivering convenience for EV owners from coast to coast.

Explore GM Electric Vehicles in Toronto

Ready to join the electric future? Visit our Toronto dealership to explore great deals on current and future GM electric vehicles, and put the days of expensive gas guzzling firmly behind you.

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