Where to Find Driving Schools in Etobicoke?

etobicoke driving school

Learning to drive can be such a fun experience, though the process can be taxing. As with any other Canadian, you’ll have to go through driving school and pass exams in order to qualify for your licence.

Thankfully, Etobicoke has its fair share of driving schools where you can do your driving tests, meet driving school requirements, and become more comfortable behind the wheel.  If you’re looking to get your driver’s license in or near Etobicoke, here are some qualified driving schools for you to check out.

All Nations Driving School

If you’re in Etobicoke North or South, All Nations Driving School may very well be the place for you.

Regarded as one of the best driving schools in the Greater Toronto Area, All Nations Driving School offers MTO-approved in-class and in-car instruction from qualified professional instructors. It provides the mandatory 20 hours of classes plus 10 hours of car lessons and 10 hours of homework. Courses are available year-round, including on weekends, holidays, and throughout the summer. If you’re unable to make a session, you can make it up at any point during the year. All Nations Driving School staff will do their best to work around your busy schedule.

You can choose from three packages, ranging from $299 to $599. You can start your course without having a G1 licence but must have it once you’re ready to begin driving lessons. By completing courses at All Nations Driving School, you can save up to 41% on your car insurance too!

Ministry-approved Beginner Driver Education Courses are offered by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience. You can be assured that when you enrol at All Nations Driving School, you will pass. All Nations Driving School boasts a pass rate of 99% for its students.

Pioneer Driver Education

Located on Kipling Avenue, this MTO-approved driving school has been providing quality instruction at reasonable prices throughout Etobicoke since 1988.

Pioneer Driver Education offers ministry-approved beginner driver education courses and provides resources so that you can complete the 40 required hours you need. Your courses can be completed as soon as nine days after you’ve begun. In the end, you will get a certificate that is recognized by the insurance industry.

Pioneer Driver Education provides unlimited car support, ensuring you gain more confidence by choosing from various models of cars to drive and learn in along the way. You also get instructional video driving lessons from industry insiders and driving lessons at flexible hours, doing so at any time between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

All Star Driving School

Situated on Islington Avenue, this driving school is popular among high school students in the area but is tailor-made for new drivers of any age. The school has existed for almost 30 years, with all in-class and in-car instructors approved by the MTO.

You’ll learn how to get your standard license while also having the chance to do a defensive driving theory course. That course analyzes misconceptions regarding everyday traffic situations and looks at safety measures, traffic controls, and symbols. You’ll also learn the effects of impaired driving, collision avoidance techniques, how to improve your attitude while driving, and more.

Packages are a bit pricier as the lowest package starts at $480. However, every course offered is comprehensive and ensures you’re not leaving with more questions than answers once you complete your lessons.

Young Drivers of Canada

This driving school offers a myriad of course options suited to your status as a driver, including two-weekend courses, four-day express courses, and a Friday evening quick-start class. Young Drivers of Canada is one of the largest driver training organizations around, with over 140 classrooms and 1.3 million graduates nationwide.

Their courses educate you on various topics, from regular driving to defensive driving. Courses will also educate you on how to manage emergency situations and deal with the GTA’s notorious traffic congestion on its highways. If you’re a G1 licence holder who completes the MTO-approved driving course, you may be able to qualify for reductions in your minimum G1 licensing period.

Young Drivers of Canada offers more than novice driver training, but driver improvement, re-testing, fleet testing, and cognitive testing. In addition, they have instructional YouTube videos available on their website, which teach you the effects of distracted driving and why you should avoid it.

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