Accessories that Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

Accessories that Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

If you’re looking to add some style and uniqueness to your GM vehicle, adding a few accessories can enhance its design, capability and functionality. These accessories go through comprehensive testing to ensure that your vehicle is never compromised and boost your comfort level.

Your car should reflect your identity and these GM accessories will help you make a name for yourself whenever you hit the road.

Interior Accessories Will Add Personality to your GM Vehicle

There is a range of interior accessories that accentuate the personality you want your Chevrolet, Buick, or GMC to mirror. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Floor Liners

Premium all-weather floor liners are ideal to help your car absorb and counter the ever-changing Canadian elements. They are constructed of quality materials that offer optimum carpet and interior trim protection, isolating debris and moisture.

They provide comprehensive coverage around the interior trim, driver pedals, seat tracks and door sills. And, they are easily removable for cleaning so that the floor of your vehicle always looks the way you want it to.

Accessories that Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

Seat Covers

A regularly-requested set of GM accessories, seat covers add nuance to any GM vehicle interior. For instance, with the Chevy Silverado, GM pick-up truck accessories such as rear bench seat covers are helpful; a two-sided covering that provides resistance against shedding pets, muddy clothes, and food particles.

There are also custom leather seats as well as other perforated designs that can be used for cars, SUVs, and other GM vehicle types.


If you drive the Chevrolet Bolt EV LT, for example, a Premium Thinkware Dashcam by Echomaster can protect you or your fleet with reliable, accurate video monitoring. The dashcam automatically records and saves video files during incidents. You can opt for the premium package with front and rear cams as well as hardware and wiring, or opt for a standard package which gives you fewer accessories but still offers a wide-viewing angle to give you better coverage of the roads.

Other Notable Features

Other GM accessories that would be ideal for your interior include phone mounts which will allow you to keep your phone in one spot while you maintain full focus on the road.

Additionally, ambient lighting will provide a bit of colour to illuminate your interior. This is essentially LED lighting that you can place on parts outside of your dashboard inside your GM vehicle. You should also consider employing reverse cameras so that you can park or get out of tight spots while backing up in the safest fashion possible.

Accessories that Make Your Vehicle Stand Out

Keep Your GM Exterior Looking Show Quality With These Accessories

Getting genuine GM parts and accessories will help your GM vehicle looking like you just got it from the showroom while also aiding their performance and capability levels. Consider these GM accessories for your vehicle today.

Chrome Grille

Grilles of any colour can add some panache to your exterior. For example, the Buick Encore Preferred has numerous black grille complements like Abalone White Surround and Ebony Twilight Metallic Surround that make it look that much fiercer.

However, the chrome grille gives your GM vehicle a bit of style with sparkle. The aforementioned Buick Encore Preferred also comes with a chrome Bodyside Moulding Package, adding protection and a smoother look to the vehicle.


Going back to the Silverado, you can equip your GM pick-up truck with lights that will illuminate your vehicle both on and off-road. These lights include fog lamps (with or without U12) which you can use to customize the front of your pick-up truck. You can also use a Blade LED Light Bar on the rear of your vehicle to help you communicate your driving intentions to fellow drivers on the road.

Other Exterior Accessories

Speaking of aesthetics, tinted windows, bed liners, fender flares and more allow you to design your vehicle the way you want while enhancing its utility. Assist steps, emblems, and splash guards are also helpful as they protect you and your car while also distinguishing them from the rest.

GM accessories, GM OEM Accessories and parts are available at your nearest dealerships and online. For more information on which accessories best suit your GM vehicle, visit Humberview Chevrolet Buick GMC today.