Crew cabs were originally designed as large passenger trucks that literally transported entire crew members to and from work sites. Today, crew cabs are commonly used for transporting tools, materials, and parcels. Although they aren’t commonly used to transport people anymore, rest assured, they still get the job done. However, in order to ensure that your GMC crew cab is in tip top shape to be used for your work, you need to properly maintain it.

How to Take Care of Your GMC Sierra Crew Cab

One of the common mistakes drivers do is to ignore the recommended procedures for taking care of their vehicles in order to save money. This is a huge mistake, especially if you are using your crew cab for work; a well maintained pickup can remain reliable for many decades to come. When servicing your own vehicle, make sure to:

1. Change your liquids (oil, transmission fluids, coolant, etc.) regularly.

2. Change your gases. Watch your engine’s pressure and make sure that your tires are full of air.

3. Clean the inside and outside of your truck to prevent corrosion and other damages.

4. Circle your vehicle to check that nothing is out of place and that everything is working (including your battery).

5. Contact a professional auto shop, like Humberview Buick GMC, to regularly take a look at your vehicle and make sure that everything is in working order.

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