Whether it’s to raise money or bring awareness to a social issue, schools, churches, and community centres often find themselves hosting large events. Some institutions may use anything from collapsible stages to sound equipment, booths, and even dunk tanks. Although this is an effective way of attracting attendees, transporting and storing all of these sizable items is often a problem.

For institutions who are currently struggling with this similar dilemma and foresee this being possibly a long-term problem, we recommend them to consider purchasing a cube van (also commonly referred to as a box truck). However to really determine if a cube van fits your needs, make sure to ask yourself the following questions.

1. How much weight are you actually planning on towing?

2. What will your cube van be hauling?

3. How frequently do you plan on using the box truck?

4. How much space do you need for your cargo?

5. Do you have a hand truck or a forklift to load and unload cargo?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you will be able to determine if you need a cube van. If you don’t plan on using the vehicle very often, then it might not be a wise decision to buy one. However, if you do need a box van, these questions will help you figure out exactly what make and model will suit your organization’s need the best. Toronto’s Humberview Buick GMC has a wide selection of cube vans for sale and they are available for a test drive today!

The best way to find your ideal vehicle is to contact a professional dealership that has had years of experience helping customers find exactly what they want. At Humberview Biuck GMC, our sales staff is dependable and knowledgeable. We have our auto service staff on hand if a customer ever has a question or concern that they require answers to.

To find out more about whether or not you should purchase a cube van that you have found for sale, visit the Humberview Buick GMC website today at You can also stop by our dealership in Toronto Ontario to test drive a vehicle today.