GM Fleet offers a variety of valuable programs to help keep your company on the competitive edge. GM Canada customers are entitled to several tailored vehicle purchase programs.

Basic Fleet Program

The Basic Fleet Program puts you in the driver’s seat with Fleet Allowances on select GM vehicles. Please contact us for details on this program. At Humberview GM we have a large inventory of GM Fleet and Commercial vehicles in stock. Frank Mangone is our Fleet Manager and specializes in commercial and fleet vehicle sales. He will assist you through the entire process to ensure you select the right vehicle for your business. Our sales and service team is ready to answer all your questions and can assist with your financing and service needs.

If your business currently operates 5 or more vehicles or is looking to purchase 3 or more GM vehicles for commercial use we will help you acquire a GM Fleet Account (FAN) number. This entitles you to large discounts and no charge work-ready equipment like shelving and partitions in cargo vans or toolboxes and accessories in pickup trucks.

Business Elite

We are a qualified GM Business Elite dealership, with a team of dedicated commercial and fleet sales and service teams ready to help your business manage your fleet. We carry a large inventory of commercial vehicles ready for purchase and use whenever you need them. We also have the service facilities, tools, equipment and certified technicians to help keep your fleet of vehicles running smoothly.

We have a team of Dedicated Commercial Account Specialists ready to provide you with the best in customer service. They work with you to help you purchase the vehicles that are best suited to your business needs. Each of our Specialists is an expert in their field and highly dedicated to giving you service above and beyond what most other dealers can offer.

Our Express Business Services helps ensure that when you need to bring your vehicles in for service and repair, we have Work-Ready loaner vehicles ready to take their place so your business does not slow down. Contact us today for more information!


Qualified Rental Fleet customers can take advantage of this valuable program to purchase GM vehicles used in Rental service. Please contact our team for details on this program.

Government and Utilities

Some valuable assistance to help you competitively tender for business through governments and regulated utilities. Ask how we can help.


If your fleet is engaged in a competitive bid or quote process, the Competitive Assistance Program may be just what the accountant ordered. Please contact our Fleet department for details on this program.

Specialized Vehicles

If your business is upfitting for service vehicles, GM Fleet has the program to make you more competitive. The School Bus Program (B3D) is part of the Upfitter Competitive Assistance Program. Contact us for more details.

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